Membership Benefits

The School Nutrition Association (SNA) is a professional organization dedicated to supporting and advocating for school nutrition professionals, including school nutrition directors, managers, staff, and others involved in the school foodservice industry. SNA offers various benefits to its members, which can vary based on your level of membership and involvement. Here are some common member benefits of the School Nutrition Association:

  1. Professional Development:

    • Access to educational resources and tools to enhance your skills and knowledge in school nutrition.
    • Opportunities to attend SNA conferences, workshops, and training sessions.
    • Certification programs, such as the Certified School Nutrition Specialist (CSNS) and School Nutrition Specialist (SNS) credentials, to advance your career.
  2. Networking:

    • Connections with other school nutrition professionals, both locally and nationally, allowing for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
    • Participation in local and state chapters to build a professional support network.
  3. Advocacy and Legislative Support:

    • Representation and advocacy for school nutrition professionals at the federal and state levels.
    • Updates on legislative and policy developments affecting school nutrition programs.
  4. Resources and Publications:

    • Access to SNA's publications, including School Nutrition magazine and various toolkits and guides.
    • Information and best practices to stay current on industry trends and compliance requirements.
  5. Grants and Scholarships:

    • Opportunities to apply for grants, scholarships, and awards offered by SNA and its partners.
  6. Industry Insights:

    • Insights into the latest innovations and trends in school foodservice and nutrition.
    • Access to research, studies, and reports related to school nutrition.
  7. Discounts and Affinity Programs:

    • Member discounts on SNA events, products, and services.
    • Access to affinity programs offering savings on various professional services and products.
  8. Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities:

    • Opportunities to take on leadership roles within SNA, both at the local and national levels.
    • Engagement in committees and task forces to contribute to the organization's mission.
  9. Career Opportunities:

    • Job postings and career development resources for members seeking new opportunities in school nutrition.
  10. Awards and Recognition:

    • Eligibility for awards and recognition from SNA for outstanding contributions to school nutrition.
  11. Support for School Nutrition Programs:

    • Guidance and support for improving the quality of school meals and the overall student dining experience.

Membership benefits may vary based on your membership category (e.g., active, associate, student, or industry partner) and the local and state chapters you belong to. SNA offers a range of membership options to cater to the needs of individuals working in different aspects of school nutrition.

Joining the School Nutrition Association can be a valuable investment in your career and professional development, as it provides access to a wealth of resources, support, and opportunities to excel in the field of school nutrition.