Scholarships & Awards

Recognizing Excellence: ASNA's Manager, Employee, and Director of the Year Awardees
Director of the Year- Cacyce Davis, SNS, Elmore County Schools
Manager of the Year- Connie DeAnn Seals, St. Clair County Schools

Employee of the Year- Allison Skipper, Hoover City Schools 

The Alabama School Nutrition Association (ASNA) is committed to recognizing and supporting excellence within the school nutrition community. To honor and encourage outstanding professionals and students, we offer a range of awards and scholarships. These opportunities are designed to celebrate achievements, foster growth, and provide financial support to those pursuing careers in school nutrition.  Each scholarship has specific requirements and forms to be used. Be sure to visit the SNA website at for additional information and opportunities. 


Active members of the Alabama School Nutrition Association may also apply for local scholarship opportunities for those enrolled in food service related coursework.  Applications are due January 5, 2024 via email to Suzannah Yoder, ASNA Scholarship and Awards Chair at [email protected].

  Click here for ASNA Scholarship Application

 In an ongoing effort to help its members develop professionally, scholarships are available for ASNA members who have never attended the Annual State Conference.  Applications are due January 5, 2024 via email to Suzannah Yoder, ASNA Scholarship and Awards Chair at [email protected].  

 Click here for ASNA First Timer Scholarship Form


Honor a colleague by nominating them for an SNA award! There are SNA awards to recognize every member type: 

  • Employee of the Year Award 
  • Manager of the Year Award, in honor of Louise Sublette 
  • Director of the Year Award

It’s now easier than ever to recognize a school nutrition colleague by nominating them for an SNA Award! 

  • No certificate requirement for Employee and Manager of the Year
  • No requirements for a certificate, SNS credential or service on a committee or board for Director of the Year 
  • Membership requirement for Director of the Year is now 3 years 
  • Applications have been streamlined and are now all digital 
  • Regional judging will be done by an ad-hoc committee of volunteers
  • You can now team up to collaborate on applications! 

All nominees must be SNA members who are SNA certified throughout the entire awards process. All award nominations are due by January 5, 2023. Get started on the online nomination form today at There is no longer a paper application for Employee, Manager or Director of the Year.  Nominations must be submitted via SNA online nomination portal, Submittable.  

Other State Awards & Recognitions

The ASNA Annual State Conference provides the opportunity to recognize and honor ASNA members who have completed, or will complete by the end of the school year, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service.

 Click here for the ASNA Years of Service Award Form

 There isn’t a better way to say thank you to those that help us in caring for our students and providing for our programs by nominating an industry member or friend of your child nutrition program! Find out the details and award requirements by clicking on the applications below.


All local award and recognition applications should be completed by January 5, 2024 and returned via email to Suzannah Yoder, ASNA Scholarship and Awards Chair at [email protected].  

 Congratulations to the 2023 Award Winners!

Industry Leader of the Year
Jimmy Whatley
The Hansen Group
Industry Member of the Year
James Turner
Pepsi-Frito Lay
ASNA Friend of the Year
Ginger Eatman
Alabama Cooperative Extension System