Certificate & Credentialing

Certificate Program

Investing in your professional development in school nutrition has never been more crucial. Obtaining your Certificate in School Nutrition from the School Nutrition Association (SNA) is a powerful demonstration of your unwavering commitment to your profession. SNA's Certificate Program is designed to align seamlessly with the USDA Professional Standards, ensuring one can effortlessly meet the necessary requirements.

By pursuing this certification, you'll unlock a well-defined career ladder, enabling you to advance in the field with confidence. Moreover, it adds a valuable layer of credibility to both your position and your school's nutrition program. This enhanced professional image will resonate strongly with supervisors, parents, and administrators alike.

Furthermore, staying current with the latest issues and solutions in your field is paramount. The SNA Certificate Program not only equips you with the knowledge and skills to do so but also provides a structured framework for ongoing learning and growth. Embrace this opportunity to elevate your expertise, strengthen your impact, and lead the way in the field of school nutrition.

Alabama is fortunate to have over 1100 members hold their SNA certificate. For more information about the SNA Certificate Program, visit https://schoolnutrition.org/careers-training/certificate-credentialing/certificate-program/



The SNS Credential stands as a distinguished symbol of excellence and accomplishment, serving as a testament to the skills and expertise needed to effectively oversee school nutrition programs in today's ever-evolving climate. The SNS Credentialing Exam serves as a rigorous assessment, meticulously evaluating candidates' knowledge and competencies essential for executing precise job functions associated with the management and direction of school nutrition programs.

Currently, Alabama has over 30 individuals that holds the SNS distinction. Those interested in obtaining this credential will have the opportunity to sit for the SNS exam during the Annual State Conference on Thursday, February 15, 2024. For more information, SNS study guides or to register, visit https://schoolnutrition.org/careers-training/certificate-credentialing/credentialing/

We congratulate the following members for holding the designation of a School Nutrition Specialist: 
Sharon Allison
Sonja Anthony
Janell Aultman
Julie Autrey
Cindy Belcher
Dr. Tandy Blackwell
Melinda Bonner
Susanne Boutwell
Jeanne Brust
Shan Burkhardt
Cacyce Davis
Stephanie Dillard
Melissa Donaldson
Rachel Fowler
Linda Godfrey
Kellie Grubbs
Emma Anne Hallman
Alana Jones
Cheyenne Mattox
Heather McDermott
Patrick McGavin
Tricia Neura
Cynthia Orcutt
Casey Partain
Marie Patty
Dr. Ashley Powell
Johnna Rembert Beard
Heather Shambry
Gina Shell
Marty Tatara
Brooke Terry
Donnanique Washington
Kelly Wasserman
Stephanie Watson